Subtheme #1. Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration


Each subtheme delves into a different water-related topic and highlights the most important issues. For the subtheme Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration, the following focus points are highlighted.

  • Ecosystem balance & restoring natural processes and the water cycle
  • Nature-based solutions & green-blue integrated infrastructural solutions

Due to long-term degradation of water quality and quantity reduction, lowering ground water levels, concretised water replenishment areas, over-extraction of services, natural processes and cycles have been negatively impacted. Restoration and conservation programs that can improve these declining processes and ecosystem services can support in restoring nature balances, micro-climates and local weather conditions.

Pharmaceutical waste, micro-pollutants and other chemical waste especially from water transport systems, are central concerns in water quality which then impact the ecosystem health. COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the production, consumption and waste of plastic disposed in the environment and absorbed by natural processes.

Results from global implementation of different nature-based solutions has proved to be a potential solution for reducing future risks and challenges and contribute to achieve clean water and ecosystem restoration. Integration with green and blue infrastructural solutions can further reduce the vulnerabilities and exposure in the long-run.

Subtheme #2
Sewage plant 4
Subtheme #3
Risk and Resilience 2
Subtheme #4
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