Water Solutions #1 – Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration


This is the first webinar out of four from the Water Solutions series. With this webinar we deepen the subtheme: Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration. By inviting speakers with different backgrounds and purposes in the water sector, we bring perspectives to the table that can give the audience new insights on what it means to have ecosystem balance and what steps can be taken to maintain or reach that desired goal. Having rivers that we can swim in or even drink from are no easy goals, but they are necessary to maintain a biodiverse and healthy ecosystem.

Watch the recording of WaterSolutions #1 down below.

Recording Water Solutions #1


Introduction themes

Deeping on the content of the main theme; ‘Blue green deals with integrated solutions’, and subtheme; ‘Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration’. Explaining the relevance of this subject to the AIWW and to the broader public, while also mentioning the main question for this webinar: ‘how do we ensure ecosystem balance in watersheds?’ The purpose for this webinar is to share solutions and best practices, and to pave the way to the AIWW event in November.

Standards and perspectives

This first part explores the standards and perspectives that we have for measuring or restoring ecosystem balance. Do these standards support each other and what motivates the institutions or initiatives to adopt the standards? From a higher perspective the EU will talk about their water framework directive and the physical, chemical and ecological parameters that they have set to determine the health of the watersheds in European rivers. Other speakers will highlight the rivers of the Meuse, Seine and Senegal River and their varying ambitions and initiatives to make the rivers drinkable or swimmable.

Challenges and good practices

For the second part, the speakers reflect upon standards and perspectives that have been introduced in the first part. The first point of view is ecological, where the life in and around the river are a vital part of the river’s health and it requires effort to restore and maintain a healthy river. The other perspective is that of technology and how that is a part of the puzzle to reach a cleaner river. Both views will have challenges and solutions to add to the conversation.


Reflection on the story and returning to the main question, with the target of the 2030 sustainable development goals in mind. What good practices do we have and are there other good practices that should be mentioned? What are the potential elements for AIWW Summit 2021 and what can you expect for the other webinars?



Bart Krull (moderator)
Public Affairs, Waternet

Hans Stielstra
Deputy Head, Clean Water Unit European Commission

Li An Phoa
Founder, Drinkable Rivers

Bilel Afrit
Water Policy Officer, SIAAP Paris

Fawzi Bedredine
Regional Project Coordinator, OMVS Senegal River

Stuart Orr
Practice Lead, World Wide Fund Freshwater

Erik Roesink
Founder, NX Filtration

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