Dear AIWW2021 speaker and/or session leader,

Thank you for joining Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW2021) last week. Your participation and contribution have been of great value to us. In need of a throwback (like we are)? Visit our community website to watch the after movie and the wrap-up by our Programme Director Kees van der Lugt. Also, see if you can spot yourself in this photo gallery.

Action Agendas

Herewith, we’d like to share the Action Agendas, as developed at the AIWW2021 Integrated Leaders Forum, by leaders from Cities, Utilities and Industries. The Action Agendas are the concrete results of 17 roundtables, with each table addressed a global challenge, sharing individual insights and collaborating for sustainable solutions.


Additionally, our Chairs have a video message for you:

Please help us taking these Action Agendas forward, ensuring gender inclusiveness across the entire process and drawing learnings from failure on the way. Also, we’d love to share your presentation with our community and help you get your message across a big, international audience of water professionals. Please let us know by return if you don’t give us permission to do so.

Again, thank you for making AIWW2021 a success! We hope you have had a good time too. Feel free to share your tips and tops about AIWW2021 with us.

With kind regards,

Team AIWW2021

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