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The power of youth is quintessential for the water sector

By setting the EU goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, whilst aiming at zero pollution of our air, waters and soils, restored biodiversity and a cleaner and more regenerative economy, we have an inspiring agenda that needs manpower for many years following.

In devising and implementing the necessary, cross-generational change, the older generation needs more than ever younger brains, skills, talents. Yet, working in the water sector is challenging for the youth.

AIWW asked our member of the organising committee Veronica Manfredi and EJWP participants Manon Berge, Rhys Hellin and Iona Dobrescu what we can do to help youth thrive in the water sector.

How the ‘Internet of Nature’ can help optimize water use for cities’ ambitious tree-planting targets

Born in the Netherlands and raised in Canada, Dr. Nadina Galle developed her love for the outdoors from a young age. Growing up in suburbia, she questioned the imbalance between nature and urban development, and committed herself to building better urban ecosystems for people and nature.

As an ecological engineer, she applies emerging technologies to monitor (and reconnect people to) urban ecology through her framework the ‘Internet of Nature’, the phenomenon currently picked up by BBC Earth. “In my research and work, I have experimented with sensors, satellite and drone images, online reviews, big data, plant ID apps, and many more, to find the best ways to measure and monitor urban nature. From that, the Internet of Nature arose, helping us monitor green, but also reconnect people to the greenery at their doorstep.”

AIWW Webinar series: Water Solutions#1: Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration

Swimmable, even drinkable rivers are not realised overnight, but key for a biodiverse and healthy ecosystem. Looking for new insights on what it means to have ecosystem balance and what steps can be taken to maintain or reach that desired goal? Join our webinar ‘Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration’ on 26 March 2021 from 15:00-16:15 (CET).

On the programme: standards and perspectives for measuring or restoring ecosystem balance, followed by river highlights from the Meuse, Seine and Senegal River and their varying ambitions and initiatives to make rivers drinkable or swimmable.

For more information and to register, please visit our website (or follow this link to the registration form).

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Timeline of important water events

As water professionals we need to stay current by regularly updating and enhancing our skills, knowledge and know-how, by joining events and conferences worldwide. Here’s an overview of events we would recommend participating. Please let us know if there are events missing and what’s on your radar.
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