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In these challenging times, where face-to-face meetings are less likely, we need to find different ways to meet and interact. COVID-19 has disrupted businesses and events worldwide, but the thirst for exchanging knowledge and experience and peer-to-peer interaction remains strong. Through discussion we find inspiration for much needed innovations for safe and healthy and safe water, in the golden age of wastewater treatment and sanitation.

Organisations like IWA and platforms like AIWW play an important role, by bringing together leaders of water, industry and science, and facilitating the generation, development and implementation of ideas. Together we can help the international water sector navigate a period of rapid change and help emerging economies in their quest for sustainable water management. Together we can make a difference!

Please read this newsletter, announcing the AIWW 2021 themes. Also in this edition: an interview with prof. dr. ir. Huub Rijnaarts, Mayors for a drinkable Meuse and drawing inspiration from SIWW2020. Get in touch with AIWW if you’d like to contribute to the next edition, or the AIWW social media or community platform.

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AIWW news
Main theme AIWW 2021 launched: Blue-Green Deals with Integrated Solutions

Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) has unfolded its sixth edition of fostering global change through inter-sectoral collaboration. AIWW 2021 theme is ‘Blue-Green deals with integrated solutions’, along the three pillars of societal, technical and ecological aspects. The core theme of AIWW 2021 revolves around global greening solutions, agreements and deals like the European Green Deal. Please read the full article here.
“Water is our friend, not our enemy”

Prof. dr. ir. Huub Rijnaarts is Professor Environment and Water Technology at Wageningen UR, and one of our highly esteemed AIWW PAC-members. His research in sustainable water and soil resource management is distributed over four themes, among which the treatment and re-use of waste water, using innovative technologies. An interesting chat with an amicable pioneer and connector.
A new family is born: Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse

“Rivers are vital for all life on earth, rivers are our lifelines. We cannot live without water, we are water. All living beings are part of a watershed, so we will all benefit from drinkable rivers,” says Li An Phoa, whose initiative Drinkable Rivers is one of AIWW’s Amsterdam Agreements. Last Friday Li An organised an online event for the network Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse that AIWW technically supported, with over 50 participants joining; mayors from the cities in the Meuse river basin, national and regional river authorities, water associations and other river initiatives.
Drawing inspiration from Singapore International Water Week 2020

COVID-19 has pushed the world towards digitalisation, hence SIWW 2020 was held virtually, with more than 100 exhibits from over 16 countries. This article reflects on what was on offer. Please visit for more inspiration.
Outlining the Youth Engagement in the Water Sector by a Youth Voice

“In order to invest in the future, you need to invest in the youth” illustrates the essence of the importance of youth engagement. As a youth voice, Rasha Hassan will try to discuss her perspective and experience of the youth engagement in the water sector. Read her blog.
Timeline of important water events

As water professionals we need to stay current by regularly updating and enhancing our skills, knowledge and know-how, by joining events and conferences worldwide. Here’s an overview of events we would recommend participating. Please let us know if there are events missing and what’s on your radar.
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