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“How do we ensure ecosystem balance in watersheds while managing water quality requirements?”

March 26th, we hosted our first webinar in the subthematic series of 4. Webinar ‘Water Solutions #1: Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration’ showed interest by over 250 participants. The driving question for the webinar was: “How do we ensure ecosystem balance in watersheds while managing water quality requirements?”

In the light of recent uncertainties and frequent water quality related trade-offs and challenges, focus on freshwater ecosystems and their restoration will help bring the focus towards biodiversity, visionary goals of swimmable and drinkable rivers, and financial incentives needed to bring this change. Six speakers – Hans Stielstra (European Commission), Li An Phoa (Drinkable Rivers), Bilel Afrit (SIAAP) and Fawzi Bedridene (OMVS Senegal River), Stuart Orr (WWF) and Erik Roesink (NX Filtration) shared their perspective on this topic.

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United Nations World Water Development Report ‘Valuing Water’

The 2021 edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report (UN WWDR 2021) entitled ‘Valuing Water ’ groups current methodologies and approaches to the valuation of water into five interrelated perspectives:
  • valuing water sources, in situ water resources and ecosystems;
  • valuing water infrastructure for water storage, use, reuse or supply augmentation;
  • valuing water services, mainly drinking water, sanitation and related human health aspects;
  • valuing water as an input to production and socio-economic activity, such as food and agriculture, energy and industry, business and employment and
  • other sociocultural values of water, including recreational, cultural and spiritual attributes.
These are complemented with experiences from different global regions, opportunities to reconcile multiple values of water through more integrated and holistic approaches to governance, approaches to financing, and methods to address knowledge, research and capacity needs.
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Removal efficiencies of pharmaceutical residues at 18 wastewater treatment plants

A measurement campaign at 18 wastewater treatment plants in the east of the Netherlands provides insight into the removal efficiencies of pharmaceutical residues. The 11 guide substances reveal an average removal of around 30%. On our website you can read this article, that was previously published in H2O’s Water matters.
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Online conference: Sustainable Financing of the Blue Economy

April 16th, the European Investment Bank, WWF and the partners of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles are hosting an online event on the margins of the 2021 virtual Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group: Sustainable Financing of the Blue Economy. The event will focus on how to advance the financing of the sustainable blue economy and the adoption and implementation of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles and the newly launched supporting guidance.
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SMARTEN contributes to the Digital Transition in the European Water Education Sector

SMARTEN is an international Erasmus+ project that supports current efforts towards digital transition and digital readiness, mainly in higher education and Life Long Learning. The two-year project focuses on water as a vital component of life and development, that benefits from informed management of resources and related information. Serious Gaming and on- and offline collaboration tools help water professionals develop their skills and knowledge.

Improvements are seen through promoting an educational digital environment of equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as strengthening the strategic and virtual cooperation between higher education institutions and business partners in the European water sector.

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Timeline of important water events

As water professionals we need to stay current by regularly updating and enhancing our skills, knowledge and know-how, by joining events and conferences worldwide. Here’s an overview of events we would recommend participating. Please let us know if there are events missing and what’s on your radar.
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