Kaumera and the Calcite factory

Excursion description

Kaumera and the Calcite factory: two state of the art showcases for resource recovery in drinking and wastewater treatment

Two innovative showcases of circularity in water treatment will be visited: the Calcite Factory (drinking water) and the Raw Materials Plant (waste water). The Calcite Factory is an innovative factory where calcite (a byproduct of drinking water softening) is processed and made suitable for various product applications.

This pilot plant was built in the port of Amsterdam in cooperation with Advanced Minerals. Waternet reuses part of the processed calcite in the softening process. The calcite from this factory is used in the backing of carpet tiles, lime to produce glass and as a scrub for the cosmetics industry. In this way, the Dutch drinking water sector works towards the noble goals of a circular economy, leads to lower costs and the reuse of sustainable calcite.


Kaumera Nereda® Gum is a new bio-based raw material that is extracted from the sludge granules that form during the Nereda® purification process. The Netherlands has the world first: there will be two plants that produce this innovative raw material.

By removing Kaumera from the purified sludge, 20- 35% less sludge needs to be removed and destroyed. This helps to reduce energy consumption by 30-80% (depending on the application) and reduces CO2 emissions by 113 tons per year.

Infinite application possibilities

By combining Kaumera Nereda® Gum with another raw material, the character of the substance changes. Kaumera is an amplifier and connector of properties. For example as part of lightweight biocomposites. This ensures that the application possibilities are practically endless.

Kaumera can retain water but also repel it. This makes various applications possible, for example in agriculture, horticulture and the concrete industry. These include reducing the leaching of fertilisers in agriculture. As a result, crops absorb fertilisers better. They are more resilient and grow better. The water-repellent properties also make Kaumera an excellent coating for concrete floors.


Thursday 7 November, 09.00-16.30

09.00-09.30 Travel by bus from RAI to Calcite factory

09.30-10.30 Presentation Calcite factory and port of Amsterdam

10.30-11.30 Tour Calcite Factory including discussion

11.30-13.00 Travel by bus from Calcite factory Amsterdam to Zutphen (incl. lunch)

13.00-13.15 Reception at the visitors area of the Raw Materials Plant Zutphen

13.15-14.00 Presentation innovations Raw Materials Plant Zutphen

14.00-14.45 Tour in two groups Nereda/Kaumera

14.45-15.00 Discussion and closing

15.00-16.30 Travel by bus from Zutphen back to RAI


€ 90,- (excl. taxes)

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