Register if you want to join the conversation about challenges of water quality and quantity, whilst being mindful of its impacts on ecosystem’s health.

On March 26 AIWW hosts its first of four Water Solutions webinars in preparation for the AIWW Summit on November 1-3 2021. The webinar introduces the AIWW subtheme: Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration.
A webinar stressing the importance of water in the same week as World Water Day: we can’t imagine better timing. For the first AIWW webinar, in a series of 4, we will gather experts and frontrunners from the water sectors to present their projects and to share their challenges with us.

The central subject for this webinar will be on AIWW subtheme 1: Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration.

Focus: address challenges of water quality and quantity

The subtheme’s focus is to address challenges of water quality and quantity whilst being mindful of its impacts on ecosystem’s health. The transformation to a sustainable water cycle requires green-blue integrated infrastructural solutions and nature-based solutions. Working with nature is necessary to reach a future where there is balance in the ecosystem whilst supplying the global population with water. The webinar will explore these subjects and bring forward both challenges and solutions that surround the subject.

Appealing cases

The main case that we’ll present during the webinar is that of Amsterdam Agreement of Mayors for Drinkable Rivers. Li An Phoa’s initiative Drinkable Rivers, of making the river Meuse drinkable, expands to a global network of water leaders, experts, industries and citizens. To improve the water quality of rivers is a global issue and sharing experiences is a step forward towards that common objective. Other representatives of rivers and other water ecosystems will be present and voice their challenges and projects in the webinar.

Inspired by CAS2021
More inspiration on solutions came last week during the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS2021), organized by the Global Center of Adaptation. Among the many activities and keynote speakers were the Water ChangeMaker Awards, hosted by Global Water Partnership, rewarding the teams and organizations who are shaping water decisions that build climate resilience.

The Masungi Georeserve Foundation in the Philippines won. This foundation enrolled into an agreement with the national government to restore 3,000 acres of degraded land. The initiative protected the water supply of local communities against illegal mining and circulated a whitepaper to institutionalize and incentive public-partnerships on protected areas and watershed rehabilitation. These projects inspire us to present similar initiatives during the upcoming webinars.

How to register
Join us on the March 26th from 15:00 – 16:15 (CET).

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More information on speakers and the program will follow in the upcoming weeks, so sign up and stay tuned. We will notify you on all the updates.

For your diary: more AIWW webinars to come!

The other webinars take place on the following days

– 30 April: Subtheme 2 – Reuse, recycle and recover
– 28 May: Subtheme 3 – Risk and resilience
– 25 June: Subtheme 4 – Community engagement and inter-sectoral collaboration

We hope to see you March 26 first. In case of questions, please contact Nupur Jain at Please read more about our main theme and subthemes here.