COVID-19 has pushed the world towards digitalisation, hence in SIWW 2020, a virtual expo with more than 100 exhibits from over 16 countries was presented. Under the leadership of Ryan Yuen, Managing Director of Singapore International Water Week inaugurated the 2020 edition ‘Innovations, solutions and best practices in Water Management’. Matching the participants with appropriate interests and solutions was a key idea in making the virtual business expo; a huge success. This article reflects on what was on offer. Please visit for more inspiration.

Digital knowledge exchange

The leading core ideas on knowledge exchange, peer-to-peer learning and business interactions were explored during their first digital conference experience through first International Water Association digital publication. Few webinars were held:

  1. ‘Water reuse-future trends and applications’: latest developments on water reuse technologies, trends and featured case studies from around the world were presented;
  2. Current global stir on water treatment through ceramic membranes technology.
  3. ‘Building Water Resilience: Adaptation and Mitigation in the age of climate change’, specifically focused on urban water systems through industries and water utilities.
  4. Webinar 4 further deepens the idea of innovations with market and financing solutions through multi-lateral development banks. The focus is on public and private investments in the current climate change, impacts and challenges. This idea is also taken forward by focusing on Game changers in Water innovation focusing on Asia region.
  5. Webinar 5 provided examples from Singapore experience in advancing innovations through partnerships. The innovations and solutions described the existing success in implementing integrated solutions in the Singaporean landscape and building learning through actions. For regional perspectives on innovations for water resilience; cases and experiences from water utilities in Philippines and Future Water Asia.
  6. The final webinar focused on industrial water footprint, innovations and Corporate stewardship towards water solutions.

SIWW 2020 and AIWW 2021

SIWW 2020 focused on three core ideas: innovations, best practices and solutions. Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) shares close association with SIWW. AIWW focuses on three core target groups: cities, water utilities and industries and revolves around global trends and ideas from innovations, implementation to bankable projects

Bridging the gap

COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated and pushed the digital transformation globally which has indeed touched the water sector as well. There are numerous innovations, bankable and scalable projects that are accessible digitally however the information is too vast and scattered. Facilitation through a platform that would bring the innovators, implementers and financiers together is the central idea led by AIWW 2021.

AIWW 2021 takes inspiration from SIWW 2020 on incorporating latest water trends in reuse and recycle, improved water quality and exacerbating pollution in water bodies affecting the ecosystems. The technical expertise of the core groups in AIWW provides the underpinning research, innovation and advancement that technology is bringing in water sector. The essential idea for AIWW 2021 however, is also to facilitate diverse sectors in leading solutions through integration and collaboration.

Watch this space to know more about AIWW 2021 themes and ideas.