It has been a while since we have sent you an update, and in the meantime the world has changed. COVID-19 struck us all very hard, especially the most vulnerable. It is not just another crisis, then again, it is also not the only one we face. These are times for science and solidarity, Secretary General Guterres said, and I couldn’t agree more with his call for empathy and a fact based, ambitious approach.

Practically, the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic will make the planning and execution of AIWW 2021 challenging for all of us. But COVID-19 does not stop us. We have succeeded in continuing our international collaboration online, via Zoom, webinars, calls, mails and even occasional ‘coronaproof’ meet-ups. We’ve shared our ideas and ambitions within our community and also with our key stakeholders, with promising results. We’ve gathered already many outstanding contributions to AIWW 2021’s programme and theme and will continue doing so. We are very much empowered by your commitments, and optimistic about incorporating this into – prepping us best for – the AIWW 2021.

We furthermore rejuvenated our visual identity with a new logo and design, and are currently working hard on updating the old and bringing you new content. With this newsletter – new style – we ask you to share your thoughts on AIWW 2021. It’s an update on the Amsterdam Utility Agreement and gives an overview of the most important water events until the beginning of 2022. I hope you appreciate our outreach and look forward to your suggestions and reflections.

For now, I’d like to conclude with thanking you for your patience, understanding and continuous commitment. I’m optimistic about our future together, as world water leaders we can help change course, driving our recovery in the most sustainable way possible. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

With kind regards on behalf of the AIWW Managing Board,

Roelof Kruize, chair and CEO Waternet

Photo credits: Marcel Molle for H2O