Finance is an important cross-cutting theme at the AIWW Conference in November. Finance means adding value to something. The true value of water is something that is not always recognised.

On Friday 7 June, Bianca Nijhof, Managing Director Netherlands Water Partnership, and member of the Managing Board of the Amsterdam International Water Week, is one of the speakers during the session on ‘Valuing the precious’, held at the SIWW Spotlight series in Singapore 6 and 7 June 2019.

She will address this topic using end-user cases to make a concrete connection between the Valuing Water Initiative, a public-private initiative to put the recommendations of the High Level Panel on Water into action, and the Natural Capital Coalition’s Protocol.

The Valuing Water Initiative is an action agenda that builds on five principles to scale up good practices and building champions and ownership at all levels. The Natural Capital Protocol is a decision making framework that enables organisations, initially focussed on businesses, to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on natural capital, of which water is a vital part. Bringing both initiatives more closely together could increase on impact needed to come to a sustainable water use.

The outcomes of the session in Singapore will definitely be input for the AIWW Conference programme 4 and 5 November in Amsterdam. The SIWW organisation and AIWW Conference organisation work closely together to make sure each event stimulates concrete action and steps forward.

More about the session ‘Valuing the precious’ 

Not being able to achieve a sufficient return on investment (ROI) on technologies that lower water consumption can be a barrier for a company in reducing its water risk. This may be due to the low price that the company is paying for its water and high infrastructure costs. This session explores tools to identify, measure and value the direct and indirect impacts of water to ensure that the ROI of such investment is encompassing.


Mr Peter Nicol – Global Water Director, Jacobs
Ms Bianca Nijhof – Managing Director, Netherlands Water Partnership
Mr Vishal Sharma – Senior Vice President and General Manager, Nalco Water Asia Pacific, Ecolab Inc
Mr Tom Williams – Director, Water, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

SIWW Spotlight series

Held in between the main SIWW editions, the SIWW Spotlight series are exclusive by-invitation events to continue the dialogue from SIWW and foster ongoing exchanges on pressing challenges faced by the water sector worldwide.

Happening on 6 and 7 June, SIWW Spotlight 2019 will be focused on industrial water solutions and is held in partnership with the Ecosperity Week. For more info, please visit