Xavier Leflaive is one of the High Level speakers at the AIWW Summit in Rotterdam, 15 November 2018. During the AIWW Summit, the agenda will be shaped for AIWW 2019. For Xavier Leflaive, his focus point is clear: Valuing water and financing.

Xavier Leflaive: ‘Valuing water is a game changer, which can inspire new and effective ways of financing investments that contribute to water security and sustainable growth.’ His ambition is to ensure that investments in areas like agriculture and urban development contribute to water security, or at least that water is put on the agenda of these communities.

At the OECD Environment Directorate, Xavier Leflaive leads a team of dedicated experts, who focus on water economics: how to manage water in a way it contributes to sustainable growth and equity. Xavier and his team particularly focus on the management of diffuse water pollution and on financing water services and infrastructures. During the AIWW Summit, he will talk about financing capabilities in EU water management. ‘The need to scale up investments in water-related infrastructure and services is not only an issue of developing countries. Developed countries are also struggling to secure funding to renew and upgrade existing assets, to comply with more stringent regulations, to adapt to climate change and to deal with new challenges.’ During the Summit he will make clear that some countries in Europe will have to double (!) the total expenditures on water by 2030.  

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Xavier will inspire you with his speech about valuing water and financing capabilities.
Vice versa, his ultimate ambition is to contribute to a sound and severe vision to make reform happen. Will you inspire him with your ideas?

Xavier Leflaive will speak during parallel session 2 between 09.55 and 11.45